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The International Attachment Network

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Promoting the fundamental role of attachment theory in all aspects of human connection.

About Us

We advocate for and educate on the application of attachment theory for improved outcomes in the fields of psychological health, healthcare, social care, education, public policy and beyond. We do this by bringing together clinicians, researchers, academics and professionals in our series of events, seminars, training initiatives, research programs, publications and international network of IAN’s. Established in 1992 by close colleagues of John Bowlby the founder of attachment theory, the International Attachment Network is a membership based educational charity, led by experienced clinicians and academics in the field of attachment theory. Headquartered in the UK we have a growing active presence around the world.

Why become a member?

Join IAN to become a member of an organisation directly connected to the founder of attachment theory John Bowlby. 

Members become part of Bowlby’s mission to grow and embed knowledge and understanding of attachment theory. 

Established in 1992, the International Attachment Network has enjoyed some of the UK’s most known attachment theory thinkers among its membership and associates. 

IAN continues to be a forum for the sharing, exploration and pollination of ideas on attachment theory.

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